Domingos - 11 AM

The Canv(us) Arts Ministry at Calvary Church provides a community and studio space for local artists to share their methods/ideas, projects, and aspirations to serve God and others through their gifts. This ministry is open to those that may have just started exploring their artistic passion, all the way up to seasoned artists currently working in the area. Whether you are interested in film, writing, painting, photography, sculpture, crafts, or design, there is room for you in Canv(us)!
We know that God moves through the hands and hearts of artists in a multitude of ways. Our goal is to provide opportunities to create in a Christ-centered community for the benefit of the church and the Muscatine community. We hope that through this collective, artists will feel known and valued. We also hope that through this ministry, artists will find a safe place to integrate their faith through their creative work, look to God’s glory in exploring what God might be saying to them, and serve throughout the many Calvary different ministries. Won’t you join us?