Connecting people with God

Why Membership Matters

In a day when most people don’t want to join or sign anything and don’t want to jump through any “hoops”, we still believe membership matters.  It means committing one’s self to a spiritual family that will stand with us through life’s ups and down.  It’s a way of illustrating that this is “my church” and “I’m all in.” It also means that the church leaders and pastors will guide us with prayer, care, and teaching to help us become more like Christ.

Members take their commitment to Christ and to His body very seriously.  They are committed to protecting the unity of the church by acting in love and refusing to gossip.  They are excited to share in the mission of the church by inviting friends to attend and pointing them to Jesus.  They support the life of the church by sharing their time, talents, and treasures in any way they can.  They are all about connecting people with God in order to be fully committed to the cause of Christ.


We ask that all who want to join the church take a class that covers what it means to be a member and enter into a growing covenant relationship with the Calvary Church family.  We will review our purpose as a church and God’s calling on every believer to belong, grow, serve and reach.  We want to be crystal clear what it means to be a “follower” of Jesus.  We want to make sure we are on the same page as to what is each member’s part in the local body of Christ.  There are three steps to becoming a member:

Calvary Church | Connecting People with God


Baptism is a wonderful illustration of the transformation that has taken place in my heart. Life in the church begins with a supernatural birth when I believe in Jesus as my Forgiver and Leader. It means I am dead to my sins and my old way of life because my heart has been changed. We baptize by immersion because it is not only the original meaning of the word but also because it best symbolizes the reality to which baptism points--our death and resurrection in Christ.
If you have not been baptized following your salvation, we ask that you take this step before becoming a member. We offer a baptism class on video. The course covers the biblical meaning of baptism, answers some frequently asked questions, and gives you a chance to share a bit of how you came to accept Jesus as your Forgiver and Leader.
Calvary Church | Connecting People with God

Step 2 no longer required.

Calvary Church | Connecting People with God

Affirmation by the Church

The final step in becoming a member is to meet with a member of the leadership board or pastoral staff to give you a chance to affirm your commitment and ask any questions. We will then present you to our church body to be affirmed as a member and remind everyone in the congregation what it means to be committed to one another and to carry out life together.