"...each one, according as he doth purpose in heart, not out of sorrow or out of necessity, for a cheerful giver doth God love..." -2 Corinthians 9:7

Why We Give

God sees our faith and finances as inseparable. In fact, our hearts usually follow the lead of our finances. Our stewardship in this often overlooked area is an exciting way to proclaim the gospel. Giving strengthens our devotion to Christ and frees us to live open-handedly with the gifts God gives us. We trust in Him and His provision instead of our perceived self-sufficiency. As people of faith, we give faithfully and generously.


Online giving is a safe and easy way to support the ministries of Calvary by making a one-time contribution or establishing a recurring contribution.

3 Simple Steps

  • 1

    Create a user ID and password.

  • 2

    Provide contact information as well as bank or credit card information.

  • 3

    Indicate the amount, frequency, and designation for your gift.

Keeping your information and contribution secure is a top priority to Calvary.

-Financial Records-

Our Leadership Board reviews our church finances each month. The budget is annually discussed and established by the Board. The core value for our budget and expenditures is that we can not spend more than we receive in giving. We strive for transparency in our church finances. We conduct independent audits to assure integrity and healthy practices and procedures in the use of our Lord's resources. For more details about Calvary's finances or ways to give please send us an email: