Liberian Fellowship

Reconciling the world to God

In the 1990’s the West-African country of Liberia was torn by civil war. Refugees began to pour into the United States. Since then hundreds of families have made their homes in Muscatine.

Many have been reached by Calvary Church and participate in our faith community. Some preferred a style of worship that came from the homeland and the Liberian Evangelical Christian Fellowship was formed.

Calvary has a partnership with “Reconciliation Ministry International” (ReMi) to help meet the need of reconciling believers through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was especially important because the Liberians experienced the devastation and destruction of war triggered by tribalism and ethnic divisions. Now, living in the United States, they make racial and tribal reconciliation another priority of ministry.

The Fellowship meets every Sunday, at 11am, on the Calvary campus for worship.

Other special events reflect the culture of the homeland.

On occasion throughout the year, the Liberian Fellowship and Iglesia Calvario meet for a multi-lingual worship and celebration–a delightful experience!

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