(Fine Arts)

He is the Artist, we are His canvas.

Canv*us is a multicultural and generational group of people passionate about the arts. Our wish is that every talent and ability will be used to inspire others to worship and connect with the Creator, the greatest of Artists. Therefore, as a ministry, we seek to serve the community through all artistic forms such as photography, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, video, dance, etc.

Calvary Church | Connecting People with God

Canv*us Art Studio

We urge artists to meet for inspiration, creativity, talent development, and spiritual guidance. Canv*us Art Studio will be a place where we promote the exhibition of our artists' works and provide lectures and workshops. We are currently in the planning phase and hope to open our doors to our community of artists soon. In the meantime, every two weeks we have a Bible study focused on the needs of an artist. If you are interested in learning more, please contact:

Calvary Church | Connecting People with God